Donate to Heroes + Become a Supermodel

Instead of a contest where we get showered with Bouncer’s money, let’s switch gears and give back this week! Donate to the Kynect Foundation to get a front porch photography session from the very talented Kristi Soto! No haircut? No problem. She’s legit and will make you look good. Click the link below to donate!

Donated Amounts & What You Get

Donate $30 = 5 edited photos

Donate $50 = 10 edited photos

Donate $75 = 20 edited photos

Donate $100 = 50 edited photos

Donate through the foundation page using the link above and then use the link below to schedule your shoot by May 22 to ensure you get on Kristi’s calendar for a session between May 26-29. If that doesn’t work with your schedule, email Kristi ( to work something out.

She’ll come to your house and do a photo sesh outside only—don’t even try to invite her in. She won’t do it. Even if you offer her Topo Chico. Session ideas/examples:

- Family portraits or individual shots

- Got a new house? Flaunt your porch!

- Pose with your pet (preferred by all)


Have fun with it!