Tiffany & Anthony Cooper
Alpharetta, GA

Anthony Cooper, Jr. joined Stream in January 2015, and he's quickly risen through the company ranks ever since. His team, Team of Action, calls him "Half Man, Half Amazing," and he certainly lives up to the title.

Tiffany Willis-Cooper is Vice President of Operational Audit & Advisory Services for Fiserv, a leading global technology provider enabling the movement of trillions of dollars per day. Together, Anthony and Tiffany have two young children: Christian, age 9, and Princess Christina, age 5.

In addition to his Stream business, Anthony continues to own and manage his real estate company, Home Just for You. From a young age, Anthony possessed a strong entrepreneurial spirit and that serves as a great foundation for both his real estate and Stream businesses. 

Tiffany & I would personally like to thank you for your support, friendship and hard work!  Please join us to celebrate our promotion to Executive Director with Stream."
-Anthony & Tiffany