Kedir Deloro
Silver Spring, MD

Prior to joining Stream, Kedir was always attracted to entrepreneurship as well as academic pursuits.  Kedir has worked in a wide variety of undertakings; while rewarding, these activities were not satisfying. 
He has always dreamed of being an independent business owner.  Stream offered him the opportunity to achieve as much success as is talents and ambition will take him.  His long term goals as a member of Stream center on advancing upward in the company’s hierarchy on the national level, thus having an impact on the growth of Stream and an opportunity to assist others by providing training, improved resources, networking and mentoring: all the keys to success. 
Since joining Stream, Kedir has seen a significant increase in revenue. In addition, many valuable personal relationships have been made as a result of working with Stream.  In fact, some of these relationships have become as close as family members. He has found a way to combine his passion for helping others and running a business.