Portia & Justin Johnson
Irving, TX

Prior to being introduced to the Stream opportunity in 2015 Justin served as a police officer in Dallas and Portia was an educator. Being successful in their careers was always a priority, but their career paths lacked the financial horsepower that they were seeking in their career. Being introduced to the Stream opportunity through the social media platform allowed us to expand our network quickly.
 After working the business part-time for 12 months relentlessly. Justin and Portia made a  decision together that Justin should depart from his full time career as a police officer and focus on the business full- time.  This business has made us a true servant to others by leading with courage, commitment and hard work.
 It gives us great pleasure to have the opportunity to build this business with people that have the same core values are we do with enthusiasm. Our team is amazing and is our number one priority as a whole. We don't allow our minimums to be our maximums and we consider everyone a winner. Stream allowed us to spend more time with family and has added an additional revenue to fuel our desires.
Thanks to Stream we our able to build a recession proof assets that provides our family with residual income. Stream has given us the confidence and faith that anyone can succeed with commitment, focus, hunger, and grit. In addition, this business will only work if you work.
Our keys to success: Make a commitment first and then take massive immediate action. Also be willing to pay the price today so that you can pay any price tomorrow. 
Portia & I would personally like to thank you for your support, friendship and hard work!  Please join us to celebrate our promotion to Executive Director with Stream."
-Justin & Portia