Kris & John Kostin
Hamilton, NJ

John- Director of Golf Operations for the Mercer County Park Commission,  25 years
Kris - Labor and delivery RN at Capital Health, Hopewell, NJ,  27 years
Two Daughters, Mackenzie 20 and Hailey 18.
"I joined Stream because I thought it was a no brainer and was going to be easy.  It is not hard, but takes a lot of work and persistence.  I saw a vehicle that could help so many people for free save money on a bill they pay each month and allow me to develop an additional stream of income for our family.  My long term goals was to pay off some credit card debt and have a stream of residual income to help pay for college once my daughters reached that level of school.
Putting the money aside, Stream has allowed me to develop as a person and meet the nicest, most positive, like-minded people.  There are so many people out there that just want to crush your dreams and put you down without even fully understanding what we do.  The culture at Stream is second to none.
When I first joined I had aspired to be an Executive Director, I thought I would make it there without any trouble, just a matter of how long.  It is work, persistence and passion in helping others succeed in their Stream business, by default, success will come your way.
The business had its ups and downs along the way.  Life gets in the way, your mindset is not into it, or any other factors that try and derail you from your ultimate goal.  But when it was go time, I put my blinkers on, head down and nothing was going to stop me from reaching E.D.   Without the help and drive of James Levins and Ryan Morris picking me up and pushing me along when times got tough, I never would have gotten to this level. 
We are so blessed that Stream came into our lives.  Now that my daughters are off to school, we can focus on building our Executive Director code and setting the new goal of reaching PD in the not so distant future."
Kris & I would personally like to thank you for your support, friendship and hard work!  Please join us to celebrate our promotion to Executive Director with Stream."
-John & Kris