Ronnie & Laura Millen
Cherry Hill, NJ

Ronnie Millen has committed his life to helping people achieve their dreams. As a teacher and high school football coach in Conyers, Georgia, Ronnie helped over 100 student-athletes earn college scholarships. After he stopped coaching, a former player’s dad introduced him to the Stream Opportunity and he saw another way he could make a difference in his community.

“I like the fact that Stream offers essential services that most people already have and not products where you would have to depend on people to purchase. Also, the ability to help people save money on those essential services was very intriguing to me.”

Together with his wife Laura, the Millens are building a massive team powered by the HOPE method: Helping Other People Exceed. With their short-term goals of retirement and advancing to Executive Director behind them, the Millens are looking forward to building enough recurring income to travel and help pay for their grandchildren’s college educations.

"We would personally like to thank you for your support, friendship and hard work!  Please join us in celebrating our promotion to Executive Director with Stream." -Ronnie & Laura