You’ve Got Some Options


The new year will be here before you know it, and many of us have already been tallying up our unused Paid Time Off (PTO) to take into 2020. Well, put down your calculator for a sec because we’re switching it up.  


In the past, full-time employees could roll over up to 40 hours of PTO into the new year. This year—and this year only—you’ll have 2 options at your disposal.


Roll over up to 60 hours into 2020


Cash in any hours over 40 you have left for 50% of your normal rate


Which will it be? Make your choice by December 6

This is a one-time thing, team. So it’s very, very important you have all your PTO properly recorded. Head to ExponentHR to submit any outstanding PTO requests for the current pay period and add a note indicating when the PTO should have been added.


If you need help, reach out to your manager, payroll or HR.