Kristina & Jeff Stier
Flemington, NJ

Kristina and Jeff Stier joined Stream in November 2013 after recognizing the opportunity to earn recurring income that could eliminate the need for Jeff to work so many hours at three demanding jobs. At the time, their goal was to pay off their wedding expenses. However, it evolved to mean so much more! 

In 2018, a new “why” was born: their daughter, Charlotte Rose. And because of the Stiers’ hard work over the years, Jeff is thankful to be able to stay at home fulltime to watch over her and continue to build a better future for his family with Stream. 

Today, they are excited to continue to build on that momentum, all the way to the top. As Jeff says, “It’s never too late to dream, so go out and get it!”

"We would personally like to thank you for your support, friendship and hard work!  Please join us to celebrate our promotion to Executive Director with Stream." -Jeff & Kristina