It’s your year. It’s your future. It’s your dream. Believe in it.
Get ready for Stream’s biggest event of 2018: Ignition! This year, we’re daring you to dream big. Believe the dreams you carry are worth the chase and remember that, through Stream, they’re just within reach.
Join us for a full weekend of belief-building training, announcements, recognition, fun and big surprises. No matter what you’re dreaming toward, let’s make it come true together.  
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Eric Worre

Network Marketing Coach
For over 25 years, stand-out network marketing industry leader and international best-selling author Eric Worre has earned a broad range of success and experiences: he’s been a top field producer, built major sales, he’s the co-founder and president of his own company, and a high-level marketing industry consultant. In 2009, he retired from all of his well-established successes to create It has since become the most-viewed training site in the industry, with an audience in 137 countries and a community of over 300,000 leaders.
The drive behind this locomotive of accomplishment? Eric is engaged in an effort to “raise all ships” and allow this profession to truly take its proper place in this world as a better way.
To help you “raise your ship,” Eric will be sharing his insights on:
  • Building Belief in Network Marketing
  • Strategies & A Game Plan for Success in Network Marketing
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Promoting Events
  • Building & Developing Leaders
Suffice to say, it’s well worth hearing what he has to say about how to lead your business to success. 
Dr. Gloria Mayfield Banks
Sales Trainer
Time after time, Gloria has defied the odds to rise to the very top of her game, earning her place as Mary Kay’s #1 Elite Executive National Sales Director. Along the way, she’s built a multi-million dollar enterprise, become a best-selling author, founded her own company—and that’s just the beginning. It’s no wonder her peers have dubbed her “energy in motion.”  
Inky Johnson
Motivational Speaker
Though he had always dreamed of playing professional football, Inky’s story took a devastating turn in 2006 when a routine tackle left him with a paralyzed arm, daily pain and no hope of a future in the NFL. And while you may think such circumstances would leave any man broken and discouraged…”you don’t know Inky.”
Today, Inky is a motivational speaker who travels the country sharing his gripping story with thousands, inspiring them with a message of hope, determination and old-fashioned grit.

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