Celebrate Faith Ware's Rise to Executive Director

You’re invited to attend a special dinner to honor Faith's remarkable achievement on
Saturday, February 22 at 7:00 p.m. 


Dinner at 7:00 p.m.
Hal's The Steakhouse - Atlanta
30 Old Ivy Road
Atlanta, GA 30342

Cocktail attire is recommended but not required.
Please RSVP no later than Monday, February 17.

Faith Ware
Atlanta, GA

Faith Ware says she functions on 2 speeds: Go, and get it done. A cursory glance confirms it. Mother to 3 grown sons, doting grandmother of 3. A natural leader with a fiercely competitive spirit. She’s licensed in ballet, jazz, tap and modern dance. Before joining Kynect, she had started her own company focused on B2B sales.


“I was badly in need of some vacation time!” she said. Long term, she needed a way to build wealth that could last even after she was gone.


Faith says it’s very rare for her to start something unless she’s able to see a clear path to victory—and she saw that in Kynect. After just under 2 years in the business, she became an Executive Director with a passion for leading others to a better life.


“When I am able to help others in Kynect achieve success and their goals, I am over the moon,” she said. “I feel excitement, joy and a sense of pride that I was able to be a small instrument that was used to help them reach a particular point. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.”

"I would personally like to thank you for your support, friendship and hard work!  Please join me in celebrating my promotion to Executive Director with Kynect." - Faith