Join the Women of Power Committee

Are you looking to grow your skillset? Do you have ideas that’ll empower our community?
We’re looking for driven and creative applicants to join our new committee to benefit the Stream Women of Power program for Associates.
We recognize the power that emerges when women are united in purpose. The unique talents and strengths they bring to the table foster incredible success for themselves and those around them. We created Women of Power to support women as they discover their potential, develop their strengths and empower themselves with tools to achieve professional and personal success.
We value passion over experience, so if you’re interested in a position but do not have the direct background, apply. Remember, Best Idea Wins!

Open Positions

Please review each committee position below and apply on the following page.*
Approval from your supervisor is required to hold a committee position.
WoP Communications Coordinator
Job Duties:
  • Community liaison between corporate, event attendees and Stream field leaders
  • Partner with the Communications department on newsletters, Currents posts, emails, etc. to align with existing communications and campaigns
  • Draft email and Currents content to submit via Wrike for WoP related news and events
  • Facilitate current WoP conference calls between key stakeholders and committee members
WoP Community Analyst
Job Duties:
  • Conduct surveys post-WoP events
  • Draft analysis reports from survey findings; recommend next steps
  • Provide regular updates regarding event and member growth
  • Gather email open rates and Currents post views
  • Head initiatives to grow specific underserved demographics
  • Pull analysis of WoP goal achievement in Wrike (partner with Chelsey Berend)
WoP Event Coordinator
Job Duties:
  • Coordinate and identify event locations for field events
  • Coordinate corporate luncheons, including booking speakers and building agendas
  • Partner with Courtney Mannion for the annual Women of Power Retreat and Ignition
  • Brainstorm speakers and team-building activities for WoP events
  • Build event toolkits for ambassadors
  • Incorporate, manage and keep inventory Stream swag for giveaways and contests
WoP Project Coordinator
Job Duties:
  • Develop and manage WoP calendar
  • Build the toolkit for field team, strategizing toolkit needs and communication plan between departments
  • Manage overall WoP budget with Chelsey Berend and Delilah Navarrete
  • Schedule monthly committee meetings
  • Tracks overall status of projects and tasks
WoP Recognition Coordinator
Job Duties:
  • Clearly outline criteria for WoP awards
  • Coordinate Recognition-related activities at events
  • Submit recognition content for Currents
  • Strategize Recognition efforts with the Communications department (social media included)
  • Collaborate with the Field Sales Recognition department on all recognition initiatives
Email Delilah Navarrete ( or Chelsey Berend (

*Please note the following application requirements for a Women of Power Committee position:

  • Applicant cannot be on a PIP or have any performance or attendance issues
  • Applicant understands this commitment is for the 2019 calendar year
  • Applicant understands that the Stream Women of Power Committee is a volunteer committee and the employee will not receive any compensation for participating in the program
  • Applicant must be able to commit to an additional workload average of 5-8 hours a month
  • Applicant's supervisior must approve their application for a committee position
  • Applicant must commit to attend monthly committee meetings and complete committee tasks on their own time and should not interfere with work responsibilities
  • Applicant must be able to attend the Ignition 2019 Women of Power event (April 12, 2019) and Women of Power Retreat (July 25-28, 2019)