Rising Star Award

The Rising Star Award is given to Associates who have been with Kynect for less than 2 years and through their hard work have already promoted to the leadership position of Senior Director. These candidates have often hit the ground running from the very beginning, displaying their willingness to be coachable and trainable. Strong consideration is given to those Associates with significant customer and team growth, as well as the amount of income earned.

Power of Leadership Award

The Power of Leadership Award is given to Associates who have reached the leadership position of Senior Director or above and have done so with a commitment towards building their business the right way. Along with having built larger teams and a healthy customer base, they have also earned substantial income and MEI with the Kynect Opportunity. These valued team members have lead by example by plugging in, supporting, and proactively participating in various Kynect events and initiatives. They have embraced their leadership roles, are respectable ambassadors of the Kynect mantras, and have a reputation for being committed to the success of those around them through their words and actions.

Inspiration Award

The Inspiration Award is given to an individual who has achieved the leadership position of Senior Director or above and as a leader,  has established a profound story that has had a positive impact on many. Past recipients have been recognized for inspiring others through their journey of overcoming life-long challenges, demonstrating persistence, and overcoming adversity together with the Kynect Opportunity. Their story has given others confidence that they too, can do the same.

Women of Power Mentor Award

This woman has achieved the rank of Executive Director or above and embodies what it means to be a true Woman of Power. She demonstrates leadership, determination, inspiration and action. She helps motivate and guide fellow Associates - whether inside or outside her team - to success.  She has taken an active role in supporting the Kynect Women of Power Community.

Kynect Spirit Award

The Kynect Spirit Award is given to an Executive Director or above whose energy and optimism is all but infectious. The recipient embodies the Kynect spirit with an unending passion for helping others, maintains a winning attitude, and inspires hope, positivity and action within the Kynect family.

Assist Award

The Assist Award recognizes an Executive Director or above who proudly steps up to embody the values and selflessness of the ultimate team player. They continuously go above and beyond, oftentimes without fanfare or public recognition, to offer a helping hand. The award recipient motivates, shares their knowledge and inspires their fellow Associates to continually improve in their Kynect business and personal lives. They are a source of support for Kynect and demonstrate a dedicated interest in helping others succeed.