National, Presidential and Executive Directors,

With Kynection right around the corner, we would like to invite you to participate again with our annual award selection process. As Kynect leaders, your input is invaluable as we choose this year’s winners.

This is your opportunity to let us know who you’re excited about on your team and amongst your Kynect peers, and who you feel should be recognized for their success and contributions.

Nomination Instructions: 

  1. Check out the Award Descriptions page for the award descriptions and qualifications.
  2. Check out the Previous Award Winners page to avoiding nominating someone who was previously awarded.
  3. Click on the Nominate page and begin the nomination process.  Nominations must be completed by Monday, December 7. The form will allow you to enter a set number of nominations per category.  Please email Kimberly Girard, should you have additional nominations. 
    Rising Star: 5
    Power of Leadership: 5
    Inspiration: 3
    Women of Power Mentor: 3
    Kynect Spirit: 3
    Assist : 3
  4. Complete the form with your nomination. As a reminder, all nominated Associates must be active and in good standing. 
  5. Continue through each page until you receive a confirmation page and email.
  6. You may make additions/changes to your nominations by Monday, December 7 by clicking the View or Modify link in your confirmation email.
We kindly ask that you do not share any information from this page or site.